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First Responder/Mini Trauma Kit
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First Responder/Mini Trauma Kit

First Responder/Trauma Kit has star of life flip top lid. three extra large removable compartments with heavy duty lock quick release buckles.This bag also conveniently ties around your waist. Size: 11"x7"x7" Kit Consists of the following items: 1 Pair of Emt Shears 7 1/2", 6 pair of Nitrile latex free vinyl powder free gloves, 16 1"x3" Adhesive Bandage strips, 10 2"x3" XL Plastic Bandage Strips, 10 Knuckle Bandage strips, 10 BZK Antibiotic Cleaning wipes, 10 alcohol Wipes, 1 Bite Stick, 1 cpr mask with shield, 1 ice cold pack, 1 2" elastic bandage, 2 cohesive flexible bandages, 5 Bio hazard bags, 10 Packets of Antibiotic Ointment, 10 Sterile 2"x2" gauze pads, 10 Sterile 4"x4" gauze pads, 5 Sterile 5"x9" ABD pads, 1 sterile 10"x8" ABD pads, 1 extra large trauma dressing, 1 Sterile 10"x30" abd pad, 5 X large Eye pads, 1 Needi Jumbo Triangular Bandage 40" with two safety pins, 1 Roll of 1" x2.5 yards tape, 1 eye wash solution 4 oz bottle, 1 Needi Diposable Penlight.

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