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Stocked Trauma Kit Plus
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Stocked Trauma Kit Plus

Stocked Trauma Kit Plus. This kit is best first aid for any accident or emergency. With several paded extra storage compartments inside the bag as well as deep zipper pockets outside make it a total life saver. Allowing you to store all your supplies convenientaly and have easy access at all times. Also comes with Black replacable nylon bottom. Folliwing items come in the kit: Size: 19" x 12"x 11" 1 Trauma Shears 7 1/4" stainless steel, 1 Splinter Forcep 4.5" stainless steel, 1 Disposable Penlight, 10 Nitrile examination latex free gloves, 2 Cold Packs, 1 1.5" athletic tape, 1 Silver Rescue blanket, 1 burn sheet yellow blanket, 2 Needi Jumbo Triangular Bandages, 10 alcohol prep pads, 10 pvp wipes, 10 antiseptic towlettes, 1 2" elastic bandage, 1 3" elastic bandage, 5 XL eye pads, 16 1"x3" adhesive strips, 10 2"x3" adhesive strips, 10 Knuckle bandages, 10 4"x4" gauze pads sterile, 20 2"x2" gauze pads sterile, 1 8"x10" sterile trauma pads, 1 XL trauma dressing, 1 latex free BVM Valve mask Adult, 1 Blood pressure Kit with sprague stethoscopes and nylon case. 8 Berman airways

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