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16" Board Splint

The NEEDI padded board splint is made of 1/2" thick wood with 1/2" foam padding wraped in a washable orange vinyl shell. Rounded corners increase patient safety Vinyl shell washes easily for repeated use Cheap enough to treat as disposable

All Purpose Cot For First Aid & Sick Rooms

Ideal for heavy duty use in industry or institutions. Constructed of high strength anodized aluminum tubing to military standards. Foldable for convenient storing. Cover is strong 500 denier DuPont Cordura. Both head and foot ends elevate 15¦, 30¦ and 45¦ when required. DIMENSIONS: Folded: 26-1/2 " W x 39 " L x 4-1/4 " H Open: 27" W x 75-1/2" L x 16-3/8" H

Allied LSP Infant/Pediatric Immobilization Board with Clips

The LSP Infant / Pediatric Immobilization Board is a versatile system capable of easily immobilizing infants and children with spinal injuries, or simply in need of restraint. It will accommodate children from infant to approximately 75 pounds (34 kg). The unique harness system, which is integral to the device, allows easy manipulation of the child for proper airway management or radiological procedures. Once the child is positioned on the immobilization board, the spine is functionally maintained in a neutrally aligned static position. The split-leg strapping design allows each leg to be immobilized and treated separately The nylon covering is easy to clean and disinfect, and durable enough to withstand harsh treatment either in the field or hospital The 1/2-inch backboard made of finished Baltic birch is also easy to clean and maintain The LSP Infant / Pediatric Immobilization Board is totally radioparent so the child can be X- rayed while still firmly attached to the board The optional Drug Dosage and Patient Management Sleeve is designed to enable you to attach the Broselow Tape or a customized patient management system as an integral part (Not Included) CARRY CASE.

Allied LSP XTRA Backboard

LSP XTRA Backboard Description: XTRA has been designed to be one of the most rigid, yet fully x-ray translucent, backboards available. Fully x-ray translucent between the handholds, XTRA also provides approximately 50% greater "clear" area at the head of the backboard. Features: Dimensions:15.75" x 71" x 1.85" Board Weight: 15.25 lbs Load Capacity: 500 lbs
AHP- L816000

Aluminum Scoop Break Apart Stretchers

Designed to gently maneuver stretcher under patient without rolling or lifting. The immobilization of the patient in the position found, minimizes the risk of complicating the existing injuries. The center of the stretcher can be opened to allow the patient to be X-rayed while secured on the stretcher. Features include sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction with an adjustable length and three patient restraint straps. Folds for easy storing and separates in half during application and removal. DIMENSIONS: 66 1/4" L; 17 1/2" W; 2 5/8" D; Folded: 49 1/2" L; 3 1/2"D; Adjustable to 80"

Ambu Mini Perfit Ace Adjustable Collar Infant / Pediatric

The Mini Perfit Ace adjusts to infant, pediatric and small adult neck sizes. With 12 settings within the standard sizes (infant, pediatric and neckless), the Mini Perfit Ace incorporates latches which allow the rescuer to size the collar according to the patient's exact neck size. Two safety buttons hold the collar in place for maximum reliability. Number and color sizing system, making it easy to size the collar accurately Horizontal sizing line Preshaped flip chin piece for easy airway access CT and MRI compatible Nasal cannula holders located on collar body Safe closing mechanism ensure maximum reliability Resizable and comfortable
000 281 106

Ambu Perfit ACE Extrication Collar

Adjustable collar for Extrication. The Perfit ACE collar actually adjusts to ANY adult size with 16 different settings ranging from Neckless to tall. The Perfit ACE incorporates latches which, allow the rescuer to size the collar according to the victims neck size. Two safety buttons hold the collar in palce for maximum reliability.

Ambu Perfit Ace Adjustable Collar - Olive Drab

The Ambu® Perfit ACE extrication collar is designed to assist with the maintenance of neutral alignment, prevention of lateral sway and anterior-posterior flexion and extension of the cervical spine during transport and routine patient care or movement. 16 precise settings for a customized fit within the range of 4 standard adult settings Comes with a flip chin piece for flat storage and pre-shape to fit the chin, and to facilitate intubation and removal of vomitus from the patient's mouth CT and MRI compatible, and comes with a ventilated, posterior shell for fluid drainage. Comprehensive sizing system for easy and accurate sizing Specifications: Made of polyethylene. 16 settings from Neckless (size 3) to Tall (size 6) Measures approx. 56 x 18 x 1.5 cm
000 281 000MIL

Breakaway Stretcher


Civil Defense Splint Stretcher

JSA-300A Lightweight Basket Type Stretcher Same as the JSA-300 with the addition of a wood rack through back of trunk section and a strap adjusted foot rest. DIMENSIONS: 22-1/2" W, 80-1/2" L; 8" H

Civil Defense Stretcher Kit

JSA-333-A Splint Stretcher Kit: JSA-300 Series stretcher. Model shown is JSA300-A Stretcher. (Please specify model stretcher when ordering). Kit also includes two JSA-502 Safety Blankets and one JSA-300-X Stretcher Bridle Sling.

Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher

JSA-604 Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher Same as Model JSA-602 which includes two posts and two wheels, with the addition of an adjustable back rest with five positions

Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher

Made of 1" sturdy anodized aluminum tubing frame with flush folding hinges. Four inch wheels and posts fold easily out of the way for compact storage. Cover is fabricated from tough 18 oz. green vinyl coated nylon. Cover is fungus and rot resistant and easily wiped clean. 2" wide patient restraint straps with automotive seatbelt type buckles are standard equipment.

Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher With Adjustable Back Rest

Same as Model JSA-602-S with the addition of an adjustable back rest with five positions and four-wheel swivel. Also available with two posts and two wheels. Folds for compact storage. 2" wide patient restraint straps with standard automotive type buckles

FareTec TIII Leg Traction Splint - Adult (Hare type)

TIII Leg Traction devices are a cost effective means of meeting your traction splint requirements. They are not adjustable in length but do come in both Pediatric and Adult Sizes. Kit comes complete with all straps, ankle hitch and carry case.


Fracture Kit Complete Splint System X-ray transparent In-line fiberglass support for transport and stabilization Waterproof nylon carrying bag Kit Contains: · Arm Splint, Adult · Leg Splint, Adult· Extrication Collar w/ Neck Pad · Arm/Shoulder Immobilizer

Head Immobilizer

Designed and recommended for immobilization only. Items included are: Two head support pillows with ear openings; Two removable straps with center pads, for head positioning; One base pad; One removable pad (to accommodate smaller heads); Self adhesive Velcro R loop, or tape for positioning base pad near head of board; and Two straps to secure the base pad to the board. For replacement foam pads order JSA-363-R (2 pads per pack)

JSA-800 Evacuation Chair

Designed for use in confined areas. Ideal for use in restaurants, high-rise office buildings, airplanes, boats, narrow hallways and stairwells. 2" standard automotive-style patient restraint straps included with each chair. Green vinyl covers are made of 18 oz. antibacterial material and are fungus and rot resistant for long-lasting durability and easy cleanup. Dimensions: 35-1/4" H x 18-7/8" W x 22-3/8" D; Folded: 8"; Weight: 15-1/2 lbs.; Back Wheels: 5" JSA-800B Storage/Carrying Case is available

Junkin Stretcher

Junkin Safety 74" X 1 1/4" EZ Fold Stretcher Junkin Stretcher Easy fold stretcher with 2" wide patient restraint straps, folds for compact storage. Made of 1" sturdy anodized aluminum tubing frame with flush folding hinges. Wall mountable. Vinyl-coated storage bag sold separately.

Junkin Stretcher Bag

Junkin Stretcher Easy fold stretcher with 2" wide patient restraint straps, folds for compact storage. Made of 1" sturdy anodized aluminum tubing frame with flush folding hinges. Wall mountable. Vinyl-coated storage bag sold separately
J13 JSA -602B

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