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Airway Management Kit

Airway management kit one & only easy access to airway management equipment & supplies. This kit is assembled in house and comes with following supplies: 8 airways latex free, 1 pediatric laryngoscope handle, 1 medium laryngoscope handle, 5 Miller laryngoscope blades (sizes) 0-4, 1 of each size, 4 Macintosh laryngoscope blades (sizes) 1-4, 1 of each size 2 Large laryngoscope lamps, 2 small laryngoscope lamps, 1 adult Magill Forceps, 1 Child Magill Forceps, 2 C batteries, 2 aa batteries, 10 surgilube packets, 3 10ml syringes, 5 tube holders, 2 each ET TUBES ( sizes 2.5mm- 10mm) 2 of each style#, 2 adult stylets, 2 child stylets, 1 1" tap

Airway Management kit Refill/10 Kit supplies

Please look at our item # R-032-AMK-F for full details of refill supplies.



Ambu Man Standard Torso

5 face piece , 50 head bags.

Ambu Man Torso w/ Instruments and Printer

Ambu Man Torso w/Instruments 5 face pieces.

Ambu Trainning Man Torso

The training man torso is an adult sized manikin that provides an exceptionally lifelike representation of the human anatomy. The training man (torso) comes with instruments, w/interface, w 5 face pieces, w/100 head bags and training mat.

Ambu® Mark IV - Reusable Resuscitator


Berman airway Kit 6pcs **Latex free**

Berman airway Kit 6pcs Latex free ncludes 6 sizes in plastic case (neonatal not included) Smooth, reinforced ,white polyethylene airways Single patient use

Blue Line® Intubation Stylets

Blue Line® Intubation Stylets All endotracheal accessories are designed to ensure your technique. The Blue Line® intubation stylets feature a satin-smooth coating and are available in three sizes. Bivona® stylets are manufactured of malleable stainless steel wire. The length can be adjusted by sliding the attached silicone stopper. The Blue Line® tracheal tube introducer (bougie) is designed to assist with difficult intubations. The Cuff Maintenance Device (CMD) is a 60 mL syringe and attached 3-way stopcock. One CMD is packaged with each adult Fome-Cuf® product (endotracheal tubes and tracheostomy tubes). Additional units are available nonsterile, in packages of six. The SidePort™ AutoControl™ Airway Connector is used in conjunction with the Bivona® Fome-Cuf® system. The sideport on the RSP 15 mm ISO connector allows for the administration of medications and surfactants. The low dead space connectors are designed with a consistent internal diameter it decreases mechanical dead space and subsequent CO2 rebreathing.

Endotracheal Tubes 2.5MM- 10MM Uncuffed

Endotracheal Tubes, latex free, sterile.Long incisor to 15mm connector length provides the opportunity to cut-to-length to meet individual requirements. 1cm graduations on both sides of the tracheal tube facilitate identification of the tracheal tube position. Transparent tube allows moisture condensation from the breath to be seen clearly. Intubation length (tip to incisor teeth identification mark) conforms to cut-to-length norms. Murphy Eye smoothly formed to avoid vocal cord damage during intubation.

ET Tube Holder

Et Tube Holder with latex free rubber strap. Allows rescuer to apply with one hand in just matter of seconds......Fits sizes 3-9mm

Guedel Airway Kit in Clear Polyethlene case with Airway Tray (Set of 8 pcs)

Guedel Airway Kit in Clear Polyethlene case with Airway Tray (Set of 8 pcs

Jaw Spreader

Provides breathing relief for convulsive victims Unbreakable and reusable Cold Sterilization Individually packaged

Laerdal Thomas Adult ET Tube Holder


Laerdal Thomas Pediatric ET Tube Holder


Laryngoscope Handle Medium

Laryngoscope Handle Medium Qty: 1

Laryngoscope Handle Small

Laryngoscope Handle Small stainless steel for AA Battery Qty: 1
AA Handle

Laryngoscope prefocused Bulb 100/pk

Laryngoscope prefocused large replacement blubs. made in USA.

Laryngoscope prefocused small bulbs 100/pk

Laryngoscope prefocused small replacement bulbs. made in USA.

Life/form® “Airway Larry” Adult Airway Management Trainer Head


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