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Adult NON Scented Safe Sedate - Dental Mask (12 Individually Packaged Masks Per Box) NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM



The Safe Sedate system reduces leakage by providing more direct delivery of the anesthetic through cannula that are placed directly in the patientAs nasal passage and a vacuum line evacuates any residual gas that is not inhaled. As a single-piece unit, the Safe Sedate system does not require assembly, and therefore reduces the chance of leakage from parts that become dislodged or fail to fit together. The system, which works with existing analgesia delivery systems with minimal adjustment, was designed to comply with new standards developed by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). NIOSH has mandated a maximum time-weighted average exposure of 25 ppm of N2O during a dental procedure, representing the amount of acceptable leakage into the surrounding environment